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Electric blankets are offered in the numerous basic bedding sizes. To try to keep the blanket in great condition, it is advised that the size of the electric blanket corresponds with the size of the bed it is used on. An electric blanket which is too big and hangs off of the bed can get stuck in between walls, which can fold up the blanket and damages the heating wires inside the blanket.

Louis XIV loved beds and it has been stated he had over 400 bed covers in his palace. It has additionally been reported this King loved to hold court in the royal bed room while in bed!

In terms of warmth, a comforter is a clear winner over most bedspreads. The thicker structure of the comforter makes it possible to utilize less blankets on your bed.

Croscill provides over hundred types of comforter sets. Croscill offers the matching comforter sets, sheets, shams, feather light pillows and window add-ons to match the bedding sets. In short, Croscill offers you a full range of bedding and various other house interior furnishings

The first and foremost priority while getting beds linens is to keep it as comfy as possible. What’s the use if your perfectly shaded bedding collection is incomplete?